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Prayer Vigil of Good Friday

The gospels tell us that after the "Last Supper" Jesus led his friends to the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where he was soon to be arrested.  Jesus went off by himself to struggle in prayer about the coming ordeal telling his closest disciples, "I am deeply grieved, even unto death, remain here, and stay awake with me."  A little later he came back only to find that the disciples had fallen asleep, so he gently chided them saying, "Could you not stay awake with me one hour?  Keep awake and pray..."  Our participation in an overnight prayer vigil is a response to this question and command.  The church will remain open from 9pm Thursday until 10am Friday for any who wish to spend time in prayer.  Even if you have not signed up, you are invited to come and spend time in prayer and contemplation.